Having Issues?
This system DOES NOT WORK WITH Microsoft EDGE!


Yes, you will have to create an account.  Don't worry it's free!

Creating an account will give you access to retrieve any courses and certificates provided by the Southern KY AHEC.


Where is my course?

Once the enrollment is complete, the course will be to the right and appear in the student dashboard. Click “start course” or "enroll" and complete the steps that follow.


When do I get my certificate?

Once all the steps are completed your certificate will be generated. The steps include gathering CE Credit information (discipline, license number, etc), viewing the course objectives/disclosures, and filling out a short evaluation about the program.


I don't see my credit listed.

If your credit type is not listed then it may not be available for this particular course. You can always select "no credit needed" to receive a certificate of attendance.